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Boushehr is located in the south of the country, with a long coastline onto the Persian Gulf. Its center is Bandar-e-Boushehr, the provincial capital. The province has 9 counties including Boushehr, Dashtestan, Dashti, Dayyer, Deylam, Jam, Kangan, Ganaveh and Tangestan. In 2005, the province had a population of approximately 886,267 people, of whom, 100 women are estimated against 104 men, while this ratio is counted as 105 for the newborn less than 1 year old and is found 107 for the elders overage 65 Also, 65.2% of the whole population are registered as urban dwellers, 33.8% as villagers, and less than 1 % nomad tribes. .... (Read More)


The Greeks knew of Boushehr by Mezambria during the battles of Nearchus. A French excavating team however in 1913 determined the origin of Boushehr to date back to the Elamite Empire. A city there, known as Lyan, contained a temple that was designed to protect the compound ... (Read More)
Boushehr today
Aside from the revived port city of Boushehr, which is the second main naval port of Iran after Bandar Abbas, Boushehr also has come back recently in the spotlight for three main reasons:
Kharg Island (Khark Island), During the Iran-Iraq war, Iran's major petroleum   ... (Read More)

Road and Transportation:
The overall length of Boushehr roads aggregates on 4063 Kilometers of which,
Highways: 573 Kilometers
Major roads: 580 Kilometers
Local roads: 875 Kilometers... (Read More)

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