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 Road and Transportation


The overall length of Boushehr roads aggregates on 4063 Kilometers of which,
Highways: 573 Kilometers
Major roads: 580 Kilometers
Local roads: 875 Kilometers
Villager roads: 2105 Kilometers

Also, there 6 rural en-route welfare-services in the province, to serve domestic and overseas passengers and drivers, to be summarized based on their priorities:
1. 'Reihaneh Gostar Jonoob' in the Persian Gulf (Khalij-e-Fars) highway (in Boushehr-Borazjan road).
2. 'Morvarid' in the province entrance from the side of FARS province ('Ghale Sefid' (white castel)).
3. 'Naiband' in the province entrance from the side of HORMOZGAN province ('Chahe Mobarak').
4. 'Emam Hassan (2nd Shiite leader)' from the side of KHUZESTAN province ('Bandare Deilam').
5. 'Saheli (coastal)' located in the coastal road from Boushehr to Deir.
6. 'Mand' located in Siraf highway (Boushehr to Asalouyeh).

The goods and passenger terminals:
There are 4 passenger terminals in the counties of Boushehr, Borazjan, Ganaveh and jam, together with 2 goods and cement terminals in the province that are located in Boushehr and Borazjan. Also, the 'South Pars / North Dome field' that is also referred to as 'South Pars specific energy zone', owns goods and passenger terminals.

The rural police stations: In Boushehr province, in addition to the central rural police station in the province capital, there are also 5 other rural police stations in the cities of Boushehr, Dalaki, Ganaveh, Khoormoj and Kangan that manage traffic and road safety in the province arterial roads and local roads.

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