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 Boushehr today


Aside from the revived port city of Boushehr, which is the second main naval port of Iran after Bandar Abbas, Boushehr also has come back recently in the spotlight for three main reasons:
Kharg Island (Khark Island), During the Iran-Iraq war, Iran's major petroleum exporting ports in Khuzestan sustained damages so severe, that a second port in Kharg Island was selected to carry on the major responsibility of Iran's petroleum exports. But even Kharg was not immune from Iraqi air raids.
Boushehr Nuclear Reactor, the Boushehr Light water PWR Nuclear Reactor, designed by Siemens AG, built by the Russians, is Iran's first Nuclear Reactor.
The industrial corridor of Assalouyeh, As many as 70,000 foreign engineers and technicians are currently working in this industrial zone 270 kilometers south of the provincial capital. This zone is where the nearby famous South Pars Gas field is located, where Iran has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure. The South Pars Gas field is the world's largest natural gas field.
The Assalouyeh industrial zone is deemed so lucrative that even American companies such as American Allied International Corp and Halliburton have bypassed American sanctions to become somehow involved in the zone.
Football is the most popular sports in Boushehr. Boushehr is home to a famous football team: Shahin-e Boushehr (Pars-e Jonoubi). Shahin is one of the oldest soccer team in Iran which have found in 1942. In current Iranian football league, Shahin is one of the most popular teams just like Tractor-Sazi from Tabriz.

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